Vision & Results
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Vision & Results

Results Documents

The City of Regina ended a lengthy relationship with Konica Minolta and transitioned to WBM in early 2016. There were many challenges for us to ensure a seamless transition and great end user experience, including that end users were familiar with a specific brand of technology that was now being phased out.

Since WBM earned partnership with the City, we have been by your side every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition, alignment with business objectives, and a great experience for your end users. Following the RFP release in Spring 2015 through to the present, we have completed two (2) refreshes and we are happy to announce that the City and WBM have achieved all of the results documented herein.

Our dedicated City of Regina team conducted onsite assessments and spoke with end users in each City department that was about to receive new technology. This process ensured that end users participated in the development of their new solution and were excited when the day came to replace existing machines with 61 new Ricoh devices fit specifically to their workflows.