Shared IT Services Efficiencies
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Shared IT Services Efficiencies

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With a heritage dating back to the 1980s, Cybera was formed to encourage collaboration among Alberta’s Not for Profit organizations and to find ways to increase the value that technology can drive.

In 2016, a ground-breaking initiative was piloted by Alberta’s post-secondary institutions (PSIs), with a specific objective to drive results through shared IT procurement for end user devices. Facilitated by Cybera and 15 PSIs, ShareIT was born.

Through a formal competition, Cybera and the PSIs selected two partners they believed could execute on the vision of the ShareIT program and validate the pilot with tangible results across the PSI community in Alberta – one of these partners was WBM.

In just 12 short weeks, Cybera and WBM have been able to find immediate alignment in each of the guiding principles that the ShareIT program is rooted in.