Service Desk Transition
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Service Desk Transition

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In May of 2016, SaskPower entered into an agreement with WBM to provide a local, best in class service desk for SaskPower’s approximately 4000 employees and con- tractors.

The contract with the existing provider expired July 30th, 2016. That allowed just 10 short weeks to transition the service desk and fulfill the promise of “Great from Day 1”. Now entering into our 7th week of providing service desk we can confidently say that our vision has been achieved.

Working in partnership with SaskPower we were able to deliver a significant number of strategic wins and a roadmap to the future.

A combination of minor technical phone and system issues, coupled with brand new Service Desk resources resulted in longer wait times and higher call volumes the first week of the Transition.

Despite this, customers remained satisfied with no major complaints, and the SaskPower client remained satis ed with the day by day progression and responsiveness of both the Service Desk and the Project team.

These issues were quickly resolved and on day 16 of the service desk we achieved 100% of the SLA and had 0 abandons for the first time in SaskPower service desk history regardless of provider.