Stopping Ransomware in it’s Tracks
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Stopping Ransomware in it’s Tracks

Truckline is a locally owned and operated business, faced with the challenges and opportunities that come with served clients and working to deliver great service. While the company would not consider itself to be all about IT, that change dramatically in 2016, when a ransomware attack left the organization without the ability to work.

Today, Truckline is protected and secured through the WBM Managed Security as a service program, offering a complete multi tier next generation security solution, with no upfront capital costs required.

  • Next Generation Firewall Protection
  • Device AV and monitoring
  • Remote Offsite Cloud backup
  • Managed IT Support Services

“We are a Saskatchewan owned and independent business, originally established in 1980, that supplies parts and service to the trucking industry. The company is now housed in a 15,000 square foot building where 10,000 square feet is service bays and now maintains jobs for 22 employees.

We would be considered a small company and never really felt threatened by ransomware but in the spring of 2016 we were attacked and could not access any of our data for several days while we worked to satisfy the ransomware attackers Bit Coin payment demand.

We knew of WBM, and had worked with them in the past, so we reached out to them for help. WBM worked with us to resolve this issue and installed a next generation IT security solution to protect us and secure our company information moving forward.

Now I would sooner leave the front door of my business open at night than to be without a next generation IT security solution. Working with WBM we have now dramatically reduced the risk of attack and are in position to continue our pattern of strong growth and success.

WBM is our preferred partner for next generation IT security, IT procurement and Managed IT services. I highly recommend WBM. Working with WBM in the area of IT Security, you immediately get a sense of the fact that this is a core business area. They have a tremendous amount of resources dedicated to this, and they are intensely focused on being best in class.”

Don Crosson – Owner / General Manager, Truckline Parts & Service

Don Crosson seen addressing a group of business leaders with regard to the very real threat of cyber attack and the importance of being properly protected.