Mobility Adoption & Transformation Solutions

WBM has worked closely with both our clients and partners to develop an emerging managed mobility practice. The incredible growth of mobility, specifically tablets, in the Enterprise has presented a unique set of challenges to our clients.

WBM has adopted methodologies from the leaders in mobile technology, including Apple, to develop a customer first approach to deploying mobile devices to the Enterprise.

WBM provides both the methodology and the certified resources to manage successful deployment of mobile devices. Our mobility specialists are focussed not just on the technical integration requirements but also on the end-user. We take the extra time to meet with the end-user, understand their requirements and goals and present a managed solution that eases an organization into becoming a mobile enterprise.

Key Benefits:

  • Leverage Apple best practices
  • Focus on end-user satisfaction
  • Right device for the right user
  • Leverage the latest mobile technology