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Usage Guidelines

  • The WBM palette consists of 2 main colours: WBM Blue and Black.
  • WBM Blue is the core of our visual identity and should appear often to immediately identify our brand.
  • Various shades of grey can be used to add texture and depth to text, backgrounds, and illustrations.
  • Accent colours can be introduced to illustrations, charts and graphs but only as a 4th colour (and lower) in the hierarchy behind WBM Blue, Black, and Grey 66%.




WBM Blue

HEX : #0063a6
RGB : r0 g99 b166
CMYK : c94 m63 y7 k0
PMS : 301 C




HEX : #000000
RGB : r0 g0 b0
CMYK : c44 m33 y33 k100
PMS : Black C



Grey 22%

HEX : #c7c7c7
RGB : r199 g199 b199
CMYK : c0 m0 y0 k22
PMS : Black C 22%



Grey 44%

HEX : #909090
RGB : r144 g144 b144
CMYK : c0 m0 y0 k44
PMS : Black C 44%



Grey 66%

HEX : #585858
RGB : r88 g88 b88
CMYK : c0 m0 y0 k66
PMS : Black C 66%



Grey 88%

HEX : #212121
RGB : r33 g33 b33
CMYK : c0 m0 y0 k88
PMS : Black C 88%