3 Questions

The growth of WBM across Western Canada has been driven by the tangible outcomes we have achieved together with our clients, and the relationships that we have built as our solutions emerge and evolve. In seeking the outcomes our clients envision, we have pushed to move beyond the traditional vendor model and to challenge the status quo.

True to the “Hedgehog Concept” as described by Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great”, the decisions we make together are supported by 3 key questions, the answers to which fuel our ambition and determine our course.

  • Will our actions create an outcome that brings value and meaning to your mission, tying us closer to our customer community than ever before?
  • Can we deliver on our actions to a Best in the World level as we work toward achieving these outcomes with our client community?
  • Are we able to support and govern our solution over time, driving new innovation and more value into the strategic alliances and partnerships we are committed to?

In following the opportunities where all three of these questions can be answered yes, we’ve built four Centres of Excellence. These are the Best in Class practice areas that have propelled WBM to the forefront of Managed IT in Canada.