• November 25, 2020
  • by Nathan Morhart

Enterprise Print Management Solutions: Boosting Productivity

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Inefficient printers and printer maintenance spell trouble for large companies. Broken printers and empty toner cartridges delay business processes, sapping productivity and increasing costs. The move to home working in 2020 exacerbates this problem by moving devices even further away from internal IT support teams. There’s a simple way to manage this complexity. Enterprise print management solutions boost productivity and save time for employees.

Complete Infrastructure Optimization

A managed print solutions (MPS) provider assesses your print infrastructure to determine which devices to replace, remove, or relocate. Putting machines in suitable locations streamlines your print workflows, avoids maintenance delays, and saves staff from walking long distances to collect print jobs.

With many employees now working at home, optimizing locations for your printer device fleets is challenging. An MPS provider offers a strategic plan that integrates onsite and mobile printing, maximizing the value of your print investment and minimizing unforeseen costs from the shifting workplace.

Toner Automation & Predictive Analytics

When a printer runs out of ink or stops working due to a mechanical issue, someone must order supplies or coordinate maintenance. Print management software provides predictive analytics for automated proactive maintenance, and arranges the automatic delivery of consumables, saving employees valuable time.

As remote working measures force people and their printers to relocate, remote monitoring and effective IT asset management ensure that the right supplies and service technicians reach the right locations at the right times

Secure Document Release (SDR) & Follow-You Printing

Secure Document Release (SDR), or secure pull-printing, requires authentication at the printer before the print job is released. SDR prevents the wrong people from seeing misplaced print jobs and proprietary documents.

Follow-You printing takes SDR a little further, storing the jobs on secure print servers and enabling users to print from any compatible device in any location on the network after they authenticate themselves.

SDR and Follow-You printing optimize workflows by eliminating unclaimed printing and the reprinting of lost pages. They also secure your print network and give your team new levels of convenience.

Enterprise Content Management

An MPS provider helps identify and implement new workflow efficiencies, which are valuable for large enterprises with complex processes. Integrating content management portals into printers’ on-screen interfaces boosts productivity. For example, a healthcare organization can scan a document directly into a patient’s medical record, or a law firm can scan directly into a secure case file.

Mobile Printing

People now use their smartphones for work both at the office and from home. They must be able to print easily and securely from anywhere. Mobile printing solutions unlock more streamlined workflows and greater efficiency.

Enterprise Print Management Solutions Save Time and Money

Printing might not spring to mind in discussions about employee productivity and cost reduction. Still, a strategic managed print solution offers many workflow and operational efficiencies. Working with an MPS provider that takes the time to truly understand your business goals can take your workforce productivity to the next level while saving money and improving security.


Identify new methods to boost productivity with your current print solution. Watch our on-demand roundtable video “How to Audit Print Performance for your Organization”.

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Nathan Morhart

Nathan Morhart

Nathan Morhart has worked extensively in Western Canadian enterprises and is the leader of the Enterprise Print Team. Nathan has led numerous print assessment & optimization plans with some of WBM’s largest clients, and he has helped implement Managed Print solutions to clients in virtually every sector of the Western Canadian economic landscape. Nathan’s work is focused on providing clients with best-in-class print infrastructures, with specific focus on end user satisfaction and ongoing optimization through Governance.

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