• April 2, 2020
  • by Ashley Schell
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Forward-Looking Procurement in Today’s Ever-Changing IT Landscape

Forward Looking Procurement

Business continuity planning, managed inventory, and leveraging distribution warehousing, are all key areas to drive additional value into your procurement model.

Risks of diminished stock in the supply chain plagued the Canadian channel in 2019. Increased costs due to the threat of U.S. Tariff’s, a continuing Intel Chip shortage, and now, manufacturing delays on hardware due to COVID-19 in China, have all brought unique challenges. Due to these external factors hitting on a global scale, it is critical that organizations have a sophisticated procurement partner that can manage change while staying in front of all threats to supply chain stability.

Simply put, businesses are searching for partners that have the expertise and experience in sheltering them from the impact of technology supply constraints.

Forward-thinking businesses have invested in the resources and technology to be proactive instead of reactionary and have insights to inform their clients effectively. The pressure to provide real-time visibility into the channel and to utilize data analytics to forecast adequately is more crucial than ever.

Are you in a leading position in this area, or is it something to focus on in 2020?

As these global factors impact everyone along the supply chain, organizations are always looking for help in avoiding costs wherever possible. The economics around supply and demand are critically important to understand, and innovative strategies around technology procurement that we import from around the world, even more so.

Is your procurement service a high-value segment of your managed service offering?

Procurement has come to the forefront of services that organizations are looking for as they work through transformation strategies and strive to remain relevant with their customers. Business continuity planning, managed inventory, and leveraging distribution warehousing, are all key areas to drive additional value into your procurement model.

Regardless of your location, you cannot escape the economic, political, and human health issues that tend to disrupt global supply chains in an interdependent world. Instead of burying your head in the sand, it is time to work with a procurement partner that continually monitors the threat landscape, builds business and data continuity plans around those threats, and keeps you up to date on not only the risks as they emerge but the strategic response to those threats. By working with a community aligned around this approach, supply chain disruption can be managed proactively.

This article was originally published in Millenium Micro Magazine.

The PDF article is available here.

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Ashley Schell

Ashley Schell

Born and raised in Regina, Ashley moved to Saskatoon in 2002 and began his career at WBM shortly after. Originally in Inside Sales, Ashley moved up in the organization by providing knowledge, leadership, and experience in navigating the sometimes-complex world of procurement in the distribution channel.

Parlaying his 12 years of experience in IT and working in call centers, Ashley naturally transitioned into a leadership role at WBM and now is the Director of Procurement.

Ashley relishes the role of being a sounding board to members of his team, and loves to provide constructive feedback to help everyone reach their full potential.

Ashley is a big picture person who thinks and dreams big. His infectious personality is constantly on display while doing the things he loves: playing guitar, video games, socializing, disc golf, beach volleyball and dodgeball.

We sincerely hope he realizes one of his longer-term goals of owning a bar on the beach of Costa Rica as we’d love to join him for a drink or two there!

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