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  • February 12, 2018
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Governance & Continuous Process Improvement Success Story

WBM Service Excellence at SaskTel

WBM constantly strives to improve the value we deliver to SaskTel each and every day. Whether improving on existing processes, bringing new processes or ideas forward, or eliminating inefficiency and cost, we proactively communicate improvements in real time.

An excellent example of WBM’s focus on improvement can be found in the Service Excellence program we developed jointly with SaskTel. This program pulls together members from every area of WBM (procurement, warehouse & delivery, and install coordination & deployment teams) who deliver services to SaskTel for a ½ day meeting each year, including:

  • ISG and Purchasing personnel
  • Administrative and CET teams
  • Warehouse and Delivery
  • Install Coordination
  • Install and Repair Technicians

There are three primary goals set before the people who gather for Service Excellence:

  • Look for ways to make SaskTel’s experience truly memorable whenever and wherever possible
  • Look for ways to improve efficiency and deliver better services overall, or to reduce the time required to maintain excellent productivity levels
  • Look for ways to reduce the cost for SaskTel to do business with WBM

The program has been tremendously successful; literally hundreds of improvement ideas have been identified and shared with SaskTel, dozens of customer service experience improvements have been implemented, and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been saved.

“WBM has held the contract as our preferred supplier of personal computers and workgroup printers/multi-function devices for over 15 years.  We have utilized many of WBM’s core services through the technology life cycle, including Inventory Stocking Services, Procurement, Deployment, Repair, and Salvage of obsolete systems.  We also trust WBM to deliver end-to-end Managed Print services.

Together we have found efficiencies and cost savings in many areas, and we look forward to continuing to refine the detailed processes we have developed together.  Through ongoing governance, our organizations are continuously focused on ensuring a strong delivery model, ongoing cost reductions and new innovations to SaskTel. ”

Trevor McDonald, B.Sc., I.S.P.
Director – IT Infrastructure
SaskTel ITD

SaskTel Continuous Improvement Study: How to generate 842 improvements in a single day

As part of the Lifecycle Management program, WBM and SaskTel held a full day Service Excellence event offsite and facilitated by business consultant, Adrian Davis.

The result of this meeting was an entirely new way of thinking about the detail of improvements we could make working together as a team. The ‘idea bank’ contained 842 improvement ideas ranging from efficiency wins, such as changing the layout of workspace or improving the order of information on forms, to technology changes that improve communication and customer satisfaction through the use of webcams on support calls, or doing a walk through after installations as a quality check.

We analyzed our 842 ideas and separated them into two categories: Category One ideas were relatively low cost and easy to implement, Category Two ideas would require investment and time. From that point forward, we began working through and implementing our ideas as a team, and the results were reported back to our executive teams on an ongoing basis.

“It was a truly unique experience to see two teams come together in this way – genuinely having fun together while focused on the shared goal of excellence in service delivery to SaskTel’s end users.  I have the rare privilege to see this level of alignment between organizations at the boardroom table, but to see this level of synergy among front line workers across varied departments from different organizations is exceptional. WBM and SaskTel’s investment in this program is delivering among the most innovative approaches to continuous improvement that I have seen.”

Adrian Davis
Whetstone Consulting

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