• August 3, 2020
  • by James Kurczaba

Modern Workplace Solutions for Maximizing Collaboration

Modern Workplace Solutions for Maximizing Collaboration – Featured Image

Replacing or supplementing outdated technology presents an opportunity for organizations to scale more rapidly and adapt to changes in their industry and competitive landscape. As the workplace becomes more distributed, technology is required that enables teams to collaborate quickly, flexibly and securely. Microsoft’s Modern Workplace powered by the right devices empowers organizations of all sizes to strengthen collaboration while inspiring their employees.

Modern Workplace for the Enterprise

Microsoft 365, which includes Office 365 apps, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security, provides a powerful, comprehensive environment for enterprise and small businesses alike to strengthen collaboration in a secure environment. For organizations operating legacy (and possibly on-premise) solutions, migrating to Microsoft 365 can seem like a daunting affair. While there can be a fair amount of scoping required, licensing, procurement and implementation are surprisingly nimble allowing organizations to scale without having to plan ten years in advance or be locked in to restrictive contracts.

Even large, complex organizations like Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) have rolled out Modern Workplace solutions across a variety of teams realizing significant gains in collaboration and productivity. Working with WBM when the COVID19 pandemic hit, SGI rolled out Microsoft Teams across their organization within a matter of weeks and all employees were using the product within a week. Along with Teams, adoption of Skype for Business, Yammer, Sharepoint and other collaborative applications skyrocketed as a result of the pandemic and specialized end user training provided by WBM. Similar results were observed when rolling out Teams, Planner and Onenote for other municipal customers in Western Canada.

SGI Office 365 Adoption

Modern Workplace for Small Business

The ability to roll out select Office 365 apps on the fly for specific teams or users makes the Modern Workplace a cost-effective solution for small and growing businesses. Western Canadian-based Engcomp embraced the Modern Workplace with the latest Office business applications. Their team of engineers and technologists saw immediate improvements in collaboration after rolling out Skype. The instant messaging functionality allowed them to cut down on in-person meetings. Migrating to the cloud, Engcomp employees now have access to their data anytime, anywhere, on any device in a secure environment.

Devices for the Modern Workplace

Capitalizing on the power of Microsoft 365 and the Modern Workplace requires investing in the right equipment. While the operating system and applications can be installed on a wide range of devices, there are suites of tools already optimized for the Modern Workplace. Popular devices like Lenovo ThinkPads and ThinkBooks boot up quickly, have the ability to flexibly interface with a wide range of hardware and have a long battery life that all serve to maximize collaboration in the virtual workplace.

Devices like the Lenovo ThinkSmart View have been purpose-built for seamless collaboration, portability and productivity when using Microsoft Teams video conferencing. Rather than looking simply for compatibility with Office 365 apps, there is real value in seeking out devices that can make the most of your apps allowing your team(s) to collaborate painlessly and securely from any location.

Learn more about how we work with Western Canadian organizations to maximize collaboration and productivity while decreasing costs with Modern Workplace Solutions. [hubspot_CTA id=”acd364e1-9b21-4a5e-98be-d858d1080f72″]

Device Lifecycle Management

Organizations looking to shift away from the myriad of tasks involved in device and software selection, procurement, deployment, license management, maintenance and more, may be interested in a device lifecycle management program. Often operating on a cost per device, our own device lifecycle management has been a tremendous success for our Western Canadian enterprise-class partners allowing them to remain agile while controlling and predicting costs.

Whether it be for enterprise or small business, organizational leaders adapting to the modern workplace can rely on integrated, fully-managed solutions such as these to maximize collaboration and increase engagement among their teams.

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James Kurczaba

James Kurczaba

James Kurczaba is a Consultant on the Technology Experience & Enablement team at WBM Technologies His background in marketing has cultivated an interest in understanding user behavior and how those insights can be used to improve end-user interactions with technology. As an adoption and change management specialist, he is focused on improving the employee experience through long-term technology adoption and organizational digital transformation.

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