• July 31, 2017
  • by Tammy Fleming

Passion for People & Asset Management – Yes, They Go Hand in Hand!

People sometimes ask me this question: “Where does my passion to do Asset Management come from? Isn’t it boring?”

To this, my answer is an emphatic “no”!

We view Asset Management as one of the most important part of any Managed Services offering. In fact, we believe that our Asset Management practice is our biggest differentiator when comparing our services to our competitors.

To understand my passion, you must understand that there is a deep customer focused passion that permeates all the way through WBM. It is a culture of “getting things right” that starts from the very top. Our entire purpose is to solve problems and provide our customers “wins” on a daily basis.

Our team of Asset Managers is 100% committed to this mindset, and share a deep passion for helping people and providing wins.

Ultimately, we get to effect customer experience in a positive way, day in and day out, by helping bring order from chaos – bringing managed from un-managed. We get to see how our work positively affects multiple lines of business at our customer sites, and we get a rush when we see our work empowering other organizations and especially other people in their work environments.

It always comes down to the very foundation of why we do everything at WBM. And that is to provide value and wins for our clients every day.

Some say I’m an eternal optimist. To this, my answer is an emphatic “yes”!

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Tammy Fleming

Tammy Fleming

Tammy Fleming is the Director of Asset Management and Customer Experience and is responsible to ensure the delivery of a great experience at every interaction, execute operational excellence, and deliver a best-in-class ITAM program along with accurate financial billing for WBM Customers.

Tammy joined WBM in 2012 and quickly began to align her passion for Customer service into the work her team was focused on. This has resulted in an asset management program driven by People, Processes, and Technology that aligns her team with their Customers. She believes that although the definition of world-class customer service can have many different meanings, it is her mission to first confirm that definition to ensure clarity and success in service delivery.

Tammy has worked for 20 plus years in the areas of customer service and policy management. She holds CHAMP and CSAM certifications as recognized by the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers. Tammy has excelled as a leader in business and the community. She won the Saskatoon YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Athletics in 2013 as a result of her involvement in the sport of Triathlon and volunteer work with the Saskatoon Health Region.

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