• August 5, 2017
  • by Tammy Fleming

Rule #1 – Don’t Tear it Down!

As we described in a previous post “Overcoming the “But We’ve Always Done it that Way” Obstacle”, relationships are at the very core of what makes Asset Management valuable and a key part of all our client solutions.

Some of the feedback we’ve received from the post however fit into these two categories:

  •   “Well yes, that all sounds great, but how do we really get started?”
  •   “Sure, but our processes are just too entrenched to change”

To this, I answer: “you may be right, but let’s just understand this all better”.

You see, one of the golden rules with our Asset Management team at WBM is that we don’t just tear it down – in fact, it’s quite the contrary.

This is really because we’re not relying on software alone to provide a magic bullet to our customer’s problems.  Rather, we rely on our people and building relationships to gain a full, deep, and complete understanding of our customer’s processes and pain points first before we ever begin promising improvements, promises, or suggestions.  Often enough, simply documenting the current process properly can illuminate avenues to efficiencies (such as inherent redundancies, or entering irrelevant information) without even changing anything about a system.

It is important to note that absolutely every customer is different.  What works for one does not necessarily work for another.  Even within the same industry or vertical, there can be wide differences in how customer’s need to manage their assets.

So, our philosophy or methodology is to understand every facet of how things occur today, and find a way to add value to the existing process first.

Usually, this will involve minor tweaks to find efficiencies or process improvements within a customer’s existing system.  As we start to control the chaos, then we find ways to add incremental value by adding software tools.

We like to think of it more like gentle therapy versus invasive surgery.

The lesson for success here is – don’t tear it down, but build upon what you have!

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Tammy Fleming

Tammy Fleming

Tammy Fleming is the Director of Asset Management and Customer Experience and is responsible to ensure the delivery of a great experience at every interaction, execute operational excellence, and deliver a best-in-class ITAM program along with accurate financial billing for WBM Customers.

Tammy joined WBM in 2012 and quickly began to align her passion for Customer service into the work her team was focused on. This has resulted in an asset management program driven by People, Processes, and Technology that aligns her team with their Customers. She believes that although the definition of world-class customer service can have many different meanings, it is her mission to first confirm that definition to ensure clarity and success in service delivery.

Tammy has worked for 20 plus years in the areas of customer service and policy management. She holds CHAMP and CSAM certifications as recognized by the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers. Tammy has excelled as a leader in business and the community. She won the Saskatoon YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Athletics in 2013 as a result of her involvement in the sport of Triathlon and volunteer work with the Saskatoon Health Region.

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