• May 4, 2020
  • by Sasha Weiman

Using your Stylus with OneNote

OneNote Tips & Tricks – Part 4


Stefano: I’m back with Sasha Weiman in our final installment of our OneNote Tips & Tricks series. In this episode, we’re talking about using your stylus with OneNote. Take it away, Sasha.

Sasha: Yes, if you have any type of device that has a touch screen, a stylus, whether it be an iPad or any model of laptop, we want to stay a bit technology agnostic here, OneNote is designed to work with any touchscreen device and really allow you to write out your notes. If I don’t want to be disruptive in a meeting, I can take out my stylus or pen and I can go to the draw tab and I can write things out. Client meeting, and call vendor, book location or event. Then I can just ink to text. Bocu location for event, but that’s okay, I know what it means. It converts it to text. I can easily go back to my keyboard when I’m hooked up again and I can just go, oh, that didn’t get that quite right. There we go. You can make minor adjustments and changes but this is just beneficial if you want to be non-disruptive in a meeting and you want to write things out.

You also have the option of the lasso select. If I click up here, I can circle and what it’s going to do is it’s going to – I can select ink to text and it’ll turn it to that for me. If there’s just certain sections of my page that I want to do that inside of, I can do that. This is cool if you want to start to graph things out, you want to draw things, OneNote can be very powerful in that way. I even have the option to draw with touch so if you forget your pen, you can click the drawn with touch option, you can pick your color and then you can write on your keyboard like that if you want to or on your screen.

The other thing that’s nice is you can insert PDFs in here. What I like and what a lot of people do is they insert a document. Maybe I want to insert a file printout and I can go into wherever that may be stored which is in my demo. I can find my PDF and I can insert it. It’ll take a few seconds. It’s going to tell you that it’s inserting it into OneNote for you. Now you can see that it’s moved into my OneNote page so I can scroll down. I know mine is lopsided. I can click inside of here and I can right-click on it and I have some different options. I can rotate it. I want it to be right side, perfect. Then I want to expand. Here we go. Now I’m expanding. I’m looking at this demo document. I can quickly read through it.

Maybe I want to draw on it. Maybe I want to make some changes to it. What I can do is I can pick a pen and then I can maybe underline things. I can circle things. I can make comments here. Then what I can do is maybe someone in my organization has shared this with me, they wanted my feelings on it, I can just review it. I can make my notes in regards to it and then I can email it to them. All of a sudden, I get an email now with my changes made inside of OneNote that I can send to someone for review. That’s one of the ways you can use OneNote if you’d like to do any marking up of documents and you have a touchscreen and a pen.

Stefano: Excellent, thanks for the overview again, Sasha. There you have it. You should have enough information now to get going with using OneNote effectively. If you have any questions or would like to connect with us, please follow the links on our website at wbm.ca to learn more about all the different solutions we offer. Thanks again.

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Sasha Weiman

Sasha Weiman

Sasha works as a Solutions Consultant and Office 365 Service Adoption Specialist on WBM’s End User Experience team. Having started out in Customer Care at WBM, she is passionate about working with users to understand how they work and what technical resources they feel could better enable them. She works closely with our clients to plan out the deployment of technical tools that users will not only adopt, but also continue to use to drive the organization forward into a more modern and mobile workplace.

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