• July 14, 2020
  • by Chris Schwan

What Exactly is Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS)?

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Technology continues to be exponentially important for businesses, especially as the definition of what constitutes a ‘workplace’ expands and many continue to work from home. Employees’ expectations have also shifted; teams expect to be able to work from anywhere, at any time, with any device.

As a result of ever-changing needs, some forward-thinking organizations are talking about and implementing Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS). The adoption of this methodology can be a great move for companies to improve device management and increase cost-effectiveness in their technology infrastructure. Enterprise partners can provide the strategy, support, and infrastructure necessary for success and execution of visions.

What is Modern Workplace as a Service?

Modern Workplace as a Service is a new spin on the traditional ideas of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Device as a Service (DaaS). Utilizing this model bundles all services, products, and software together into one low monthly price, offering more flexibility in the budget for things like extra tablets, monitors, accessories or smartphones.

Benefits of MWaaS

There are three key benefits in adopting this model: the cost-effective process, streamlined procurement, and efficient device management.

Cost-Effective Process

The MWaaS model means transparency in billing and budgeting. Instead of the typical invoicing structure, the result is a monthly pay-per-user payment. This both reduces the overall costs and ensures the company is paying for what is actually being utilized.

Streamlined Procurement

The model offers a one-stop-shop for procurement, deployment, and management of your technology. By partnering with an expert that can understand the specific needs of your workplace, you are only paying for what you need with support in determining what those needs are. Technology deployed is critical for improving productivity for employees and best meeting the needs of customers within the modern workplace.

Efficient Device Management

Utilizing a service partner for maintenance and refresh for hardware and software needs means that teams can be up and running from anywhere. Office365 provides a full suite of software to support the communication and collaboration necessary for teams to be effective across remote work settings. When the right software and hardware are matched with the right service, teams are able to maximize employee productivity and continue to work from anywhere, as most expect to be able to do.

The WBM Advantage

At WBM, we offer end-to-end service that supports both the provision of devices, management of updates, and utilization of Office 365. Being a one-stop-shop for your IT needs means a more efficient and automated process. WBM has mastered the art and science of end-user computing to bolster the digital transformation for many clients. The service delivery approach drives results by employing a proven team with a highly-recognized model to support all partners in their own strategy for success.

Learn more about how we partner with our clients to control costs and modernize their workplaces with a unique white-glove experience.

WBM Model

The WBM Experience Engineering team is well-versed in the potential of Office 365 migration and device lifecycle management to dramatically change day-to-day operations. Although these changes can feel daunting, WBM provides partnership in every step forward to bring companies further, faster. Instead of relying on in-house IT operations or straining the bandwidth of internal teams, WBM can modernize and streamline at scale via —

  1. Planning and preparation for migration
  2. Hardware selection and procurement
  3. Software selection and procurement
  4. Asset management, configuration, deployment, and disposal
  5. Device security
  6. Online billing portal and custom invoicing
  7. Business continuity services to ensure ongoing adoption success

As the definition of the ‘modern workplace’ continues to evolve in the rapidly changing world, MWaaS allows organizations to address those changes head-on and at scale. By adopting these services, teams can focus on the work they do best, collaborate from anywhere, and operate in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Chris Schwan

Chris Schwan

Chris is the Senior Consultant and Service Adoption Specialist on the Technology Experience & Enablement team. Chris started out at WBM on the staffing team and his passion for helping end users find their path extends into his work with his current team. Chris works closely with end users to examine how they work and find ways to make their day to day lives better through technological adoption with a net benefit for the businesses employing them. This blend of problem solving and working closely with people plays to Chris’ strengths and allows him to make a real difference in end users’ day to day work lives.

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