• August 4, 2017
  • by WBM Staff

Why it’s Great to be an SMB These Days!

As a follow up to my recent Emerging Trends in IT post, I received several questions on whether these trends apply to both Enterprise and Small Business.

The answer to this is a resounding “yes”. There simply has never been a better time for SMB’s to be able to take advantage of Emerging IT Trends. In fact, Emerging IT has really levelled the playing field to the point where small 10-people organizations can compete with large multi-nationals.

If you’re asking for a blueprint, here’s what I would say:

Get Out of the Business of IT

Similar to organizations adopting consumption based services in terms of their IT backbone, IT organizations within larger companies are looking for commoditized areas to help streamline their operations. More and more organizations are finding ways to narrow their focus to what they can deliver value at. In the case of the Enterprise, this is accomplished by focusing more on business critical applications or end user enablement – for the SMB organization, this usually means relying on a partner completely to deliver IT so that they can focus on growing their own unique core business. Using a Managed Services partner costs a fraction of handling things on your own internally, and transferring this mission critical task to an expert has always been a liberating experience for our clients big and small.

Access to Enterprise Grade Tools & Technologies

With the emergence of cloud technologies, especially platforms like Office 365, the cost of entry into enterprise grade IT tools has significantly shifted. Now, the cost of entry to high caliber of tools, information, analytics and infrastructure, typically only available to the enterprise, has shrunk the gap between the enterprise and SMB. For a fraction of what it used to cost, through cloud-based subscriptions and easy user licensing, SMB’s can now compete with Enterprise level accounts while using the exact same tools

Using IT as a Competitive Advantage

With the access to tools and focus on core business, companies can now set themselves apart by using IT as a strategic differentiator and a competitive advantage. The vast amount of tools available to help drive productivity, gain massive insight, and operate at a faster speed, are making businesses more and more competitive.

Lastly, the easiest way for SMB’s to start taking advantage of Emerging IT trends in the marketplace is to not try to bite off everything at once. Finding easy and quick wins such as implementing Office 365, can help to begin the transition without having to introduce completely new tools. Once these fundamental tools are in place, a type of organic growth begins to happen, with teams starting to take advantage of the new tools in front of them.

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