Partner Overview

WBM is a proud Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner with competencies in Cloud Productivity and Surface.

From small business to large enterprise—the Microsoft suite of hardware and software solutions has become the backbone of many WBM partner solutions. Today, WBM manages the full device lifecycle management of thousands of Surface devices across Western Canada.

The Modern Workplace is now fully achievable thanks to a suite of powerful devices and software that bring never before seen productivity, collaboration, and intelligence gains to organizations across Western Canada.

Discover Innovative IT Solutions from WBM and Microsoft

Introducing Modern Workplace as a Service

How does your company approach large IT deployments? Does the idea of deploying new technology make you anxious? Are you struggling to keep up with your evolving device lifecycle management needs? You’re not alone in this struggle.

Even the best technology is useless in the hands of people who are not sure how to use it to get their work done. Our Technology Experience team is ready to work with your team, understand how they work and enable meaningful change to ensure that your people are getting the most from your technology investment.

What If IT Deployment Could Be Easy? Now It Can.

Modern workplace as a service simplifies how your company approaches its IT solutions by bundling core services and device upgrades into cost-effective and scalable bundles.

Modernize every aspect of your technology deployments—from understanding, planning, deploying, and adopting—with an approach that’s designed for the modern workplace.

Modern workplace as a service will change your relationship with your IT solutions by making these essential services more accessible and predictable than ever.

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