Our Vision

Core to WBM’s values is a fundamental belief in bringing communities together. Connected, we can accomplish more, achieve greater things, and make meaningful impacts together.

Our commitments are centered on our Western Canadian communities, our clients, our employees, our partner relationships, and the environment we share.

Our Commitment

As a signatory to the Indigenous Engagement Charter, a key commitment we have made is to provide honest reporting of our efforts. Already, we are learning that by reporting on our actions, we are creating a foundation that does more than celebrate the achievements from the year that was – it creates an accountability to continue forward, and to embrace the opportunities that will be part of our future reports as well.

Additional Reporting

Our commitment to serve the communities we live and work in has led us to some very special opportunities, partnerships, moments, and friendships.

Sharing our passion for the difference we believe technology can make in the lives of people and organizations is often where we begin – but where we end up is working side by side with some truly inspiring people. Whether we are serving meals, helping remote learners to build digital literacy skills, or supporting women building careers in IT, we are learning and listening to our communities and our partners.

Here is a link to read our 2023 Community Impact report and learn more about projects that WBM has led and participated in.

Learn more about WBM’s community investments and the impact we are making across Western Canada.

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