Cameco’s Vision as a Partner for Northern & Indigenous Communities

In 2021, Cameco made a pledge to strengthen investment and engagement in the communities where they operate. Guided by values, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and the principles of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Indigenous Engagement Charter, Cameco and WBM set out to make a positive impact with people in Northern and Indigenous communities.

Enabling Remote Communities Through Digital Literacy & Upskilling - Featured Image

Learn how Cameco continues to make a difference in the places where we live and work through community empowerment and human connection.

Kristin Cuddington
"This is a strategic initiative for Cameco with a lot of momentum. From our Community and Indigenous Engagement team, to IT, to our top executives, there is a lot of collaboration here because the program is aligned to our corporate and personal values. It’s incredible to see our digital transformation not only connect us internally, but then bridge a significant gap to make this Northern Upskilling project possible. It’s people-centric technology enablement and I’m blown away by the opportunities it has created."
6696 Total Lessons Completed
163 Registered Learners
941 Hours of Learning
28 Total Graduates

Cameco and WBM began their collaboration 15 years ago with a Managed Print optimization program and have completed many IT projects since then. With a focus on end user enablement and innovation, our innovative support platform, the Power Bar, was launched in the spring of 2020 to support end user how to questions and has achieved an NPS rating of 86. This adoption and enablement innovation contributed to WBM being named Microsoft Canada’s 2021 Modern Workplace Partner of the Year. WBM would like to thank Cameco and our entire client community for helping us become one of the fastest growing IT companies in North America.

Microsoft Canada Modern Workplace Impact AwardMicrosoft Canada Surface Impact AwardMicrosoft Canada Inclusion Changemaker Impact AwardMicrosoft Canada Community Response Impact Award

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