We work hard to keep printing devices, packing materials, and printing supplies out of landfills.

Landfills are full of single-use plastics, electronics, and packaging materials. The IT industry has contributed to the problem by dumping tonnes of old devices, empty ink and toner cartridges, and used packaging. We’re helping reverse that trend with our commitment to recycling in every facet of our business.

Our recycling program starts with making sure packaging material is responsibly handled. We work with local vendors and with our suppliers to make sure all packaging materials that arrive at our warehouses in Western Canada are properly sorted and responsibly recycled.

For end-of-life devices, we make sure no part of the device ends up in a landfill. To achieve this, we first attempt to donate used equipment to Computers for Schools. If that’s not possible, we follow environmental recommendations to recycle every part of the old device.

Our clients use a lot of ink and toner. It would be easy to just throw it all away, but we believe in doing what’s best for our environment, not what’s easiest for business. All ink and toner sourced by WBM can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling using a simple process, but we’ve gone even further by joining with the HP & Mira Foundation Cartridge Recycling Program.

As partners in this program, we encourage cartridge recycling by providing ink and toner recycling boxes to our customers. Any cartridge from any manufacturer can be placed in the boxes. When the boxes are full, we pick them up and send the cartridges off to be recycled. This program benefits both the environment and the Mira Foundation’s work to train service dogs for people with visual impairments, physical disabilities, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We’re proud of our recycling program and our impact on shaping a more sustainable future for the IT community, but we’re not satisfied. We continue to look for ways to expand and improve our recycling efforts.