We protect trees, conserve energy, reduce fossil fuel use, and shrink our CO2 footprint by changing the way we print.

Reductions in paper and power usage add up to meaningful reductions in our print operations’ impact on the environment. We work with our partners to measure and quantifiably reduce their environmental footprint by implementing sustainable printing practices.

We help our customers use less paper by encouraging smart printing practices and enabling cloud-based storage and file-sharing. We reduce device counts and shrink power usage by installing energy-efficient devices. These sustainable strategies translate to a 20% – 50% reduction in the overall energy consumption and carbon footprint for most of our partners.

We believe this is important because these savings have real implications beyond reduced costs for our customers. Every kilowatt-hour of power saved means fewer barrels of fossil fuels are burned, and less carbon is emitted into the atmosphere. When fewer pages are printed, fewer trees are cut down, and less freshwater is used to manufacture paper.

As part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, we work with our partners on end-user ecological awareness campaigns. These campaigns help users understand their printing habits’ environmental impact and motivate them to think before printing.

Just by changing the way we print, we’ve been able to help our partners realize incredible reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions. We’re excited to continue this work and find ways to make printing even more sustainable and further reduce our impact on the environment.