We’re committed to offsetting the impact of our print operations through reforestation.

Trees are superheroes when it comes to keeping our Earth healthy.  They absorb pollutants, sequester CO2, improve water quality, produce oxygen, regulate our climate, and provide habitats for all kinds of animals.  Plus, they’re a beautiful part of our environment.

We can’t avoid using trees to make paper for our printing operations, but we can replace the trees we’ve used.  Through our partnership with Print Releaf, we track our partners’ printing paper usage and offset the impact by participating in reforestation efforts worldwide.

We’re proud to say that, since joining Print Releaf in October 2015, we’ve planted a new tree to replace every tree we’ve used in our print operations.  By doing so, we have offset the impact of our paper usage on the environment. We have also helped revitalize forests as close to home as Canada and as far away as Madagascar.

392Trees Planted This Year
8997Lifetime Trees Planted