Accelerate Productivity With Microsoft Surface for Business

Receive the Right Devices, Support, and Implementation Your Agile Team Needs.

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Transform Organizational Productivity

The latest range of Microsoft Surface devices gives your teams everything they need to embrace and thrive in the modern workplace.

  • Use data to drive innovation and informed decision-making
  • Get things done with solutions that work for your teams
  • Let your teams connect and collaborate from anywhere
  • Deploy, manage, and stay secure wherever you work

Modern Workplace Acceleration

Make the most of what your Surface devices have to offer with a strategic adoption plan designed to meet the exact needs of your business

Introducing the Modern Workplace Adoption Framework

Get a customized, data-driven adoption and enablement roadmap built around the outcomes you care about most.


Understand your current environment and connect with end-users to identify potential champions.


Choose from a collection of best practices to build an approach that best fits your organization.


Roll out a rapid program that replaces time-consuming, repetitive, and problematic workflows.


Harvest "low hanging fruit" for quick wins, while building immediate momentum through transformation.

"In WBM, we have a partner who pushes the envelope on the technology front. They fuel our curiosity and encourage us to experiment. We’re happy to go along for the ride and try some new things with them."

Nick Wright

VP Marketing & Technology, Engcomp

Get Started With Your Surface Adoption Plan

Discover the pathway to achieving your vision with a personalized Surface Adoption Plan.

Receive support from our technology experience team every step of the way, from in-depth user training sessions, touchless deployment, to a seamless rollout of your devices and services.

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