Successful Cloud Transformations

What if you could re-claim up to 30 minutes of time per day, per employee?

What could your company do with the inevitable productivity boost?

These results, and many more, are possible through the proper implementation of technology. But technology alone is not the answer. Results like these can be achieved only when people and technology are working in harmony with each other. The trick is ensuring that these forces don’t compete with each other but are in balance.

Join Jody Sagen, Director Technology Experience & Enablement, and Connor Wahl-Arsenault, Subject Matter Expert – Cloud Solutions, as they explain the role of Experience Engineering in achieving successful cloud transformations, and the inevitable balancing act that occurs amongst people and technology as these solutions become adopted.

Learn how to realize the full potential of your move to the cloud.

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Jody Sagen

Director, Technology Experience & Enablement, WBM Technologies Inc.

With almost 20 years of industry experience under his belt, Jody Sagen has built a career helping clients achieve world-class business outcomes. He now leads one of Western Canada’s most sought-after team of Experience Engineers as they lead business transformations across all industry sectors. With O365 and the Cloud as their platform, Jody’s team focuses on building efficiencies in the office through collaboration and teams.


Connor Wahl-Arsenault

Subject Matter Expert – Cloud Solutions, WBM Technologies Inc.

Since our journey began in 2013 with O365 and Azure, WBM has built numerous best-in-class cloud solutions for our customers. Connor has been at the centre of each of these transformations! With an expertise in understanding complex workloads and the supporting connectivity requirements, Connor has developed into a Subject Matter Expert in leveraging technologies within the Microsoft stack with a heavy focus on Azure and Office 365.