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In response to COVID-19, we have now transitioned thousands of people across Western Canada to work-from-home scenarios. The shift has been incredible, and incredibly rapid. Work is being done on kitchen tables and couches, with barking dogs and kids suddenly without school, all together at home.

The technology we have to make this happen today is powerful, and the support available to you is friendly and effective.

The WBM Experience Team is ready to answer any O365 and Teams related questions. Being able to quickly get an answer, or find out how to do something in seconds is now at your fingertips.


If you are new to working remotely, or do not have much experience with Microsoft’s O365 apps outside of the office, you may have a few questions or need a quick walkthrough.

Book a 30 Min Chat session at the link below.

The link will open our scheduler, allowing you to select a time that works best for you.



To provide immediate answers or a quick how-to, WBM has created a perpetual AMA (Ask Me Anything) service now available to Microsoft Teams users. Simply click the link below to join.

The Teams call will be open 8:00am – 5:00pm CST.

Quickly solve a challenge, and you’ll almost always come away with a few tips and tricks as well.


Sasha Weiman, Office 365 Service Adoption Specialist

Help Working from Home Using Microsoft Office 365

With the onset of Covid-19, there has been a massive push to work remotely. This is my experience with how I got started, how I optimized productivity, and how I maintained meaningful connections with my work, my customers and my colleagues while working from home.

COVID-19 Dedicated WBM Resource Page

Important Supply and Support Notifications

In response to COVID-19, WBM has now enacted our Business Continuity Plan, and we remain committed to operating as an extension of your team in working to stay safe, and to continue operations. We are a fully cloud-enabled Managed Service Provider, and we anticipate no disruption across our systems.

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There was an unexpected distraction for Professor Robert Kelly while he was in a video meeting live on BBC News about South Korea. But he managed to keep his composure and complete the interview successfully. An all too familiar work from home scenario?