Turmoil, Partnerships, Productivity:

The Evolving Role of Western Canada IT Vendors

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Keep up or get out of the way.

That's the blunt message that Western Canadian IT leaders had for their IT vendors.

In a groundbreaking study that foregoes stats and percentage in favour of real world comments and candid opinions from some of the most impressive IT organizations across Western Canada, we heard that the role of IT is in a state of transformation that only comes around once in a decade, and only those with real value to share and create will be here in the end.

My Transformation is Best Described as…

Over 400 delegates at WBM’s Connection event on Transformations & Outcomes submitted 167 questions during the interactive panel discussion, and at the conclusion, they responded to a poll describing what they felt their own transformation would look like.

See the results of the interactive live poll, and be a part of it all by submitting your own response as well.

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  • March 27, 2018
  • by Keith Daser

How to Simplify Getting Started

The phrase “digital transformation” has very quickly saturated most industries, companies and the world around us. Although seemingly used everywhere, the underlying idea of using digital strategies to transform how…

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How to Simplify Getting Started