The Initial Discovery: What to Expect?

At WBM we’ve met amazing organizations from community non-profits to home builders, from banks and accounting firms to fast growing global start-ups.  Concerns about security threats, ability to work and collaborate effectively from anywhere, and wanting technology to streamline tedious workflows that could be automatic, are all common areas of concern.

Getting started can feel like the hardest part, but it doesn’t have to be.

The ‘grass might seem greener’ on the other side, but without a path forward, it hardly feels like an option at all. We’ve seen hundreds of these different starting lines across western Canada, and we know your situation will be unique as well. We know that you have things are working well, and areas of concern. That’s why we believe in first understanding you, and where you are at right now. By building around your vision, and identifying quick wins together, we will form a logical and clear custom path forward that considers the thoughts of your people, the work being conducted, and the technology required to really drive your organization forward.

Executive Visioning

Gain deep insights into how you can achieve your vision using best-in-class technology, leading cyber security frameworks, and managed services that enable your people to do their best work.

Technical Footprint

Learn everything you need to know about the technical side of your data and security initiatives, from the specific technologies needed, integrations, deployment to what ongoing support will look like.

End-User Sentiment

The best technology means nothing if it doesn’t fit the way your people work. See how your new data and security initiative will impact the end-user experience across the organization.

Identify Risks & Opportunities

Designing, implementing, and supporting data and security solutions requires an intimate understanding of the risks and opportunities your organization faces. WBM’s discovery process provides you with detailed insights into your current IT state, opportunities, costs, and any timelines required to achieve the outcomes that define your vision.

Create a Technology Roadmap

Your data and cyber security needs require a personalized approach. There’s no templates when you work with WBM. Your WBM Solutions Analyst will craft a custom roadmap that’s designed around your unique starting point, helping you create a predictable system to better manage your people, processes, and technology.

Shaun Guthrie
Alberta Municipalities has recently onboarded with WBM for Managed IT Services and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

Their attention to detail and seamless transition has brought noticeable improvements to our environment from week one. From new Surface devices to live support, WBM continues to receive high praise from our staff every day.

As the technology leader for our organization, this helps me focus on other things knowing our operations are in good hands.

Watch Alberta Municipalities Day 1 Onboarding Video

A Discovery Process Focused on Your Needs

Your unique starting point is only the beginning of a collaborative partnership that’s all-in on helping you discover powerful insights and achieve the outcomes that matter most to your organization.

Gain Deep Company Insights From Day One

It’s all about the long-term partnership when you work with WBM. That means you receive actionable insights into your organization, industry, and other mission-critical areas from the very first call.

Industry-Leading & Backed By Western Values

Our commitment to Western Canadian values means supporting our partners’ current IT state with our deep domain expertise in technology and a proven process that’s built around collaboration and integration.

Achieve a Technology Roadmap for Your Organization

Connect with a member of the WBM team to explore the opportunities available in moving to a secure, best in class technology strategy.

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