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Moving to the cloud is not an all-or-nothing proposition. In fact, identifying appropriate workflows and applications for cloud consumption, and migrating seamlessly is a critical first step in managing a successful model. This is where WBM’s expertise in enterprise IT architecture and cloud computing can streamline implementation.

At WBM, our Data and Security experts and solutions are all results-based. We believe that end-user needs and experience should be the guiding force for developing and designing for cloud. Azure certified architects are ready to work toward maximized value and performance, while our provisioning management team will monitor consumption and optimize spend and allocation over time.

Enterprises with cloud based applications can be secured independently, working through WBM Security Specialists and utilizing advanced Microsoft security solutions or solutions such as F5 virtual cloud appliances.

With Azure Cloud, you pay for what you need, and know that you can scale affordably at any time as business needs change. Powerful and flexible, you get total peace of mind knowing that your data is always secure and backed-up, without having to invest in and maintain expensive infrastructure.

  • Working together with Microsoft and WBM as a certified CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) partner provides the ability to get there, creating a business plan for cost savings by migrating away from traditional Windows
  • Office based enterprise licensing agreements, and onto consumption based CSP licensing that allows enterprises to pay only for what they consume and drive out unnecessary cost and time consuming negotiations, true ups, and surprise software audits once and for all.

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