Windows 10 represents a new approach from Microsoft in the delivery of the core operating system. It represents a move forward in terms of speed, security, and ease of use, it creates a touch enabled experience for end user workloads, and perhaps most importantly, it is the vehicle from which to deliver and take advantage of the Microsoft Modern Workplace.

The WBM End User Computing (EUC) practice has prepared and deployed Windows 10 into Enterprise organizations nationwide.

Through our experience we have seen the benefits of Windows 10 across our client community, and we have developed a proven set of teams and methodologies leveraging Microsoft best practices to quickly and successfully move your organization into position to take advantage of this platform.

Our approach is broken out into three distinct phases:

  • Planning and Preparation
    Applications are the key in preparing for and planning a Windows 10 upgrade. Our team leverages SCCM and Microsoft tools to determine the readiness of your existing applications to run in Windows 10. Applications flagged with known issues are investigated and a remediation strategy is developed.
  • Windows 10 Configuration
    Our SCCM team will work with your team to create a Windows 10 configuration that best meets the specific needs of your organization. Knowledge and care is required in the configuration of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for the management of new settings and features that are only found in Windows 10. In support of your move forward, our team will package any applications and update existing packages to function within a Windows 10 environment.
  • Employee 1st Deployment
    A core differentiator and key element of your successful migration is a custom engineered employee experience.

We schedule a time of day appointment with each of your end users to take them through the deployment, perform any final configurations, and verify that the user can perform all the key functions required for their job.

Our End User Computing team is focused on delivering a best in class deployment experience, and the results reflect this focus, with 1000’s of deployments completed and an aggregate satisfaction score that drives positive feedback and momentum throughout the organization.

Our focus is to get an organization fully ready to deploy in less than 90 days. The deployment is an opportunity to deliver a great customer experience, and the momentum gained as a result makes this a great platform to accelerate digital transformation and drive adoption of exciting new tools for productivity, collaboration, and intelligence within the Microsoft Modern Workplace.

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