Transition & Go Live

Critical to the success of an Enterprise Service Desk engagement and cut-over is the proper onboarding of a client’s Service Desk. At WBM we call this Great from Day 1.


As part of the transition process and set up, WBM will begin the discovery and requirements gathering process.

This entails the following procedures:

  1. Identifying and catalog all current Knowledge Base documentation relating Services processes and procedures
  2. Creating a single source location for all KB documentation ideally within the enterprise ITSM solution.
  3. Completing a “service gap analysis” where WBM identifies all current process and procedures gaps with the expectation that each gap is analyzed and documentation is created by following a questionnaire created by WBM.
  4. An ongoing process and policy is put in place to continually update the Standard Operating Procedures and Knowledge Base.

WBM will assign a change management certified project manager to oversee the implementation and execution of the Great From Day 1 transition.  Each stage includes a series of Activities and Quality Gate Controls.

Great From Day 1

Enterprise Service Desk Onboarding and Change Management that includes quality gate controls and an extensive incident validation component to ensure immediate outcome achievement.

1. Discovery 2. Documentation 3. Configuration 4. Validation 5. Production
1. Discovery

1. Discovery

Activities include a detailed process to arrive at application inventories, end user footprint, and infrastructure elements.

Quality Gate Controls include a reconciliation against known applications and devices supported, and a gap analysis of any outstanding SOP requirements.

2. Documentation

2. Documentation

Activities include the development of all current SOP’s and updated documentation to include additional SOP requirements to address gap analysis and the establishment of KPI’s.

Quality Gate Controls include status reporting, a review committee and sign off process, and a published schedule of applications and SOP’s within the knowledge base.

3. Configuration

3. Configuration

Activities include staging access requirements (physical and remote), technology and ITSM configuration and implementation, onsite support desk programming, and team training initiatives.

Quality Gate Controls include systems testing and team training and integration.

4. Validation

4. Validation

Activities include the testing of incident procedures against incoming tickets, self service verification, change management readiness and user acceptance testing.

Quality Gate Controls include the execution of the change management and communication plans, cut over plans, and go live authorization.

5. Production

5. Production

Activities include the cutover to WBM delivered Enterprise Service Desk Services, incident tracking, dashboard go live.

Quality Gate Controls include monitoring and confirmation of end user satisfaction results, initial performance metrics, and immediate KPI attainment.

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