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Enterprise Experience Platform

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A Unified Foundation for Efficiencies and Innovation Across a World Class End User Experience

Plug In for Expanding Data Driven Insights and Unified Service Management

Track the pulse of what it feels like to be an end user across the entire IT experience through data driven insights.
Build on your own end user experience by selecting from a portfolio of services that have achieved award winning, best in class status, delivered right here in Western Canada.
As more services plug in, see the relationship and effect that multiple services areas have on each other.
Consolidate from fragmented transactional vendors and toward strategic partnership and accountability.
Identify opportunities for automation and process improvement across the service delivery stack.
Accrue an innovation fund toward continuous improvement and advancement across the experience.
Benchmark performance, cost, and outcomes achieved across service delivery areas through an award winning Governance Model.
Share and benefit from best practices and lessons learned across a community that includes some of Western Canada’s most progressive Enterprise IT organizations.
Deryel Molnar
The key difference is that we are no longer having to ask for innovation, or push a provider for continuous improvement.

Now with WBM, the innovation and improvement flows on an ongoing basis. It is constantly being brought to us, with supporting data to show where we are, what the next steps in the roadmap are, and what will be achieved.

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