“Initially, the University chose to use an independent consultant to lead us down a managed print path and perform our initial assessment. After going through the implementation with WBM, it is painfully apparent that had we chosen WBM from the start, we would have completed the project 2 years sooner. We have gone from a frustrating situation to having an award winning technology success story that is well known across campus.”

Assessment is one of the most important steps in maximizing potential outcomes from a successful Managed Print Solution. Our team of charismatic Print Solution Specialists follow a proven onsite assessment process to deliver quantifiable enhancements and ongoing business results for organizations all across North America.

Leveraging powerful tablet based assessment technology, WBM starts by downloading existing printer information for every device within your organization, including: make, model, serial number, location, configuration, volume, physical condition, and utilization by end user and job type. However, WBM assessments go beyond the physical hardware to also incorporate specific end user sentiment, commentary, and workflows, and the goals and objectives within each of your workgroups, departments, business units, and locations.

Through Assessment, Our Dedicated Team of Print Solution Specialists Will:

  • Identify Printing Requirements through Data Collection & Stakeholder Interviews
  • Identify Areas Targeted for Immediate Improvement
  • Identify Areas for Reduction in the Number of Print Devices
  • Identify Areas to Reduce Monthly Print Volumes
  • Identify Opportunities for End User Training & Adoption
  • Identify Areas to Increase Operational, Environmental, & Lean Efficiencies
  • Identify Issues in Service Delivery & Communication
  • Identify Issues Stemming from Uptime & Configuration

Following assessment, our team conducts a complete analysis of your current print situation. This information is published in a customized Assessment and Optimization document that lays out all of the findings in an intuitive and easy to understand format. Informed by a deep understanding of how you work, the tools currently in place, and the tools we know are available, the Assessment and Optimization document continues with recommendations that include:

  • A complete infrastructure design for optimization, including floor plans showing optimized layout and print flow charts plotting end user output destinations
  • Optimized custom device configurations designed to amplify workflow efficiency by area and to meet each users’ job type
  • Optimized device model recommendations designed to protect current investments, maximize cost savings, and ensure speed and efficiency for different output volume requirements
  • A cost comparison showing the current environment versus our recommendations for an optimized environment; both by department and fleet wide
  • An environmental performance summary detailing the percentage reduction in devices under management and estimated energy consumption savings
  • A phased strategy for migrating from the current environment to an optimized environment
  • The comprehensive business case supporting all recommendations

“WBM started the assessment of our organization’s needs early in 2012.  They are consummate professionals, engaging our staff with an easy manner and smoothing out what could otherwise be a major source of resistance for us.  Their project-based approach and experienced staff have delivered exactly what we were looking for.  The optimization documents we have received are clear, concise, and tailored specifically to our needs. 

Now as WBM has deployed our optimized solution, made our users happy and more productive, and realized the savings they promised, I am looking at our work together as one of my favorite projects and most memorable successes.”

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