How Does Digital Transformation Feel?

You know how your team works today. Do you understand how they could be working more effectively in a few weeks time?

Our goal is to unlock end user creativity by building competency with the Modern Workplace tools. Enabling your team for more effective hybrid work collaborations will remove frustration and empower your internal technology champions to innovate and problem solve with the support of our Technology Experience Engineers.

As we begin identifying and implementing quick productivity wins, your digital transformation will build momentum and can become an unstoppable flywheel of innovation that will increase employee happiness, shift the way your team works, and create positive impacts on the culture of your organization. It’s an amazing feeling to arrive at this place.

Microsoft Modern Workplace Enablement

What Sets Us Apart

Persona Based End User Discovery Sessions

Identify actual opportunities for improvement and quick wins from your employees. We will start to understand longer-term strategic goals to shift organizational workflows & culture.

Modern Deployment

Enhance device fleet refreshes by bringing a touchless delivery experience to get your new recruits up and working productively within minutes of their device deployment.

The WBM Power Bar

Support M365 end users with single-click, instant access to live video ‘How To’ support on demand. WBM's friendly SMEs will help unlock problem solving & innovation from your team.

Transformational Outcomes Reporting

Learn from a suite of Best Practices achieved from current client collaborations. Set your sights on key outcomes and metrics to be achieved through your digital transformation.

Workflow Automations

Using the Power Platform our team of Technology Experience Engineers will help you save time and money by automating repetitive tasks and workflows.

A New Era of Productivity

As employee expectations change and back to office continues, tap into our managed meeting rooms and hoteling stations to ensure effective collaboration & happy employees.
Mark Leach
We’re not doing technology for technology's sake we are doing it with a very specific outcome in mind. We want to operate at a lower cost, we want to operate safer, we want to be good environmental stewards, we want to commit with our communities that we work in, we want to drive efficiencies through the company.

Results Achieved at Cameco

5208 Employee Enablement Touchpoints to Date
94% of Users Report Proficiency Improvement
87% of User Questions Resolved on the First Call
86 Net Promoter Score from Survey Results

A Winning Partnership, Validated by Global Leaders

Pushing through the challenges of the global pandemic, organizations large and small across Western Canada have accelerated the role of technology in making them more efficient, more competitive, and more impactful. WBM is pleased to recognize these accomplishments within our client community, several of which have resulted in prestigious awards from some of the world’s largest and most advanced technology providers.

Are You Looking for a Partner that Gets your Vision?

Connect with a WBM Modern Workplace solutions expert today to discover how our discovery-driven, outcomes-based approach can create empowered experiences across the organization.