Building Momentum Around Proven Results

WBM’s Enterprise Adoption Pathways are customized around the actual work your teams are doing and are built from a complete set of proven best practices that you select based on their fit with your organization. Our initial collaboration will focus on enabling your end users within specific Microsoft 365 workflows. Next we will harvest low hanging fruit for quick wins to build momentum around your transformation. Focus areas will range from measured productivity gains and time savings to connecting teams across geographies, eliminating tasks, automating workflows and improving end user experience and satisfaction metrics.

Custom Pathways Built on Proven OCM Best Practices

The WBM Power Bar supports your end users via single-click, instant access to live video support on demand. WBM’s friendly SMEs are waiting to trouble-shoot your issues, answer how-to questions about the Modern Workplace & unlock problem solving & innovation by your team. Accessed from an integrated Teams enablement button, end users can immediately join a standing Teams meeting or schedule a time to meet in the days ahead.

Return to office creates new opportunities for organizations to rethink the role that office space plays within an effective and productive workforce. In response to the requests of our clients, we have created 3 persona-based flexible work stations that address the changing expectations of employees. Using a mobile app to manage bookings, employees simply plug in their laptop and will be working effectively within seconds.

WBM’s managed meeting rooms provide a seamless meeting experience for those collaborating within the hybrid work environment. By implementing the right tools, equipment and training you will be able to enjoy an incredible meeting experience, whether from home or the office. Our team of Technology Experience Engineers will identify the right hardware, manage installation, host in-depth user training, and provide ongoing, industry-leading support.


WBM’s Technology Experience Engineers work with your end users to identify repetitive or time-consuming workflows and then automate them on the Microsoft Power Platform to save time and money.

WBM utilizes Power BI and current display technologies to stream live data to data-driven dashboards that allow your teams to monitor mission-critical operations. Built around your infrastructure and needs, we will customize an approach that visualizes your KPIs and other key metrics.

Modern Deployment added to your device fleet refresh schedule brings a touchless delivery experience to get your new recruits and new devices up and working productively within minutes of delivery.

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Utilize a people-driven approach to change. Nominating your internal leaders to support and even drive transformation within your company has driven amazing results for our clients. Learn how Saskatchewan Blue Cross used Champions Led Adoption to drive digital transformation.

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End user discovery surveys will identify opportunities for improvement based on the actual work that your team does. Starting with quick win implementations, we will start to understand longer-term strategic goals that will shift organizational workflows & culture.

Microsoft 365 workflows and apps identified during end user discovery sessions will result in workshops being scheduled by our team and delivered at your office and / or via Teams meetings.

The WBM Experience & Enablement Team will curate your library within any Learning Management System. Training and adoption content is custom-produced, bite-sized how-to’s, video walkthroughs and step by step FAQs. Your library is continuously based on feedback and incoming request types.