Introducing Copilot for Microsoft 365: A Whole New Way to Work

Copilot brings the power of generative AI into your Microsoft applications – working seamlessly in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. Backed by responsible, secure AI, Copilot for M365 brings the power of a large language model and real time intelligent assistance into the applications already in place and being utilized today.

WBM is working across our customer community, from the largest Enterprises to the most progressive SME’s to prepare for, identify, achieve, and measure new levels of productivity and creativity every day.

Copilot universe image - Apps such as Word, Powerpoint, Microsoft Teams and word work together with Copilot.

Embed AI-powered Copilot into Everyday Applications

Unlock Productivity

86% of users say that Copilot helps them be more productive. They can work smarter, end information overload, and banish busywork by relying on Copilot in M365. Analyze trends in Excel, summarize meeting notes in Teams, and save time writing emails in Outlook.

Amplify Creativity

78% of users say that Copilot improves the quality of their work. This means finishing that first draft faster, creating compelling presentations, and writing impactful messages.

Security You Can Trust

With Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to security and the ability to configure access and implement governance policies that match the needs of your business, you can rest easy knowing that your sensitive data is protected.

Award Winning Onboarding and Enablement Built Around Your Organization and Workflows

Integrated Support Button

A patent pending first mover innovation in unlocking the power of AI and the Modern Workplace, WBM’s integrated support and enablement button provides single click access directly from the Teams sidebar into a resource panel that includes on demand assistance, tips of the week, and a library of self-guided resources.

On-Demand Powerbar

The WBM PowerBar provides instant access to friendly expertise from the WBM Technology Experience & Enablement team, ready and waiting in a standing Teams session for active coaching, screen sharing and walkthroughs, generating tangible time saving metrics and a wow factor end user experience.

Customized Workshops

Armed with insights and understanding from actual end user engagements, the WBM program provides you with customized workshops to share examples of effective utilization and success stories from within your own environment, and specific work flow based training to rapidly harness the power of AI in the modern workplace.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 Readiness Assessment

Information governance and organizational change management are the key pillars for understanding and addressing any risks, and charting a course for specific business outcomes in adopting AI as part of your technology roadmap. That’s why WBM’s Copilot Readiness Assessment is focused on working with you to map out:

  • Identifying informational access and confidentiality, permissions and policy, and sensitive data risks
  • Identifying use cases and opportunities to create meaningful business cases to move forward with AI
  • A change management plan that includes award-winning methodologies, teams, and a training plan for  end-user adoption
  • Key findings and next steps for implementing Copilot into your technology roadmap

Ready to embark on your journey?

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