Bridge the Gap Between In-Office & Remote Staff

WBM’s Managed Meeting Rooms (MMR) provide a seamless meeting experience for collaborating from home or the office. By implementing the right tools, equipment, and training, you will be able to enjoy an incredible, single-click meeting experience, that is fully supported in real time. If you need to enhance your meeting room experience, our team of Technology Experience Engineers will identify the right hardware, manage installation, host in-depth user training, and provide ongoing, industry-leading support via a QR-code linkage with the WBM Power Bar.

A Meeting Experience Like No Other

Fully Supported

With a single click, your staff gets instant access to the WBM Power Bar, a live video support channel staffed by Technology Experience Engineers.

Customized for Productivity

Strengthen your meeting experience with hardware and processes customized to your exact needs.

Established Standards

We’ve created dozens of rooms to establish hardware standards that allow for remote monitoring and management including remote software updates.

End User Training

Our Technology Experience and Enablement team delivers all end-user training during installation or if you prefer, remote training via Teams also available on demand.

Flexible Purchase

Purchase or lease your meeting room hardware based on your preference. Flexible leasing options are available on request.

Effective In-Office Collaboration

As hybrid employees demand new accommodations, you can attract them back to office with a collaborative experience like no other.
Greg Sylvestre
This wasn’t just the installation of some video conferencing equipment; it was a strategy to enhance collaboration and help us work more effectively. The virtual meeting experience for our staff and clients has improved significantly, and the ways we are able to use Microsoft applications in our day-to-day has taken it to the next level. Our staff have embraced a new way of working because of WBM’s approach, and the feedback we’ve received has been phenomenal. I couldn’t be happier with the investments we’ve made.

Implementation Results Achieved at Ross & Sylvestre

100% Experienced Improved Meetings
90% Experience Time Savings
449 Minutes Saved Per Day

Work with a proven IT partner that supports your vision

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