• December 19, 2012

Vincent Massey Elementary Students Receive WBM Bursaries

Two students nominated by their teachers will receive a bursary from WBM Office Systems to attend the University of Saskatchewan Computer Science Camp – one for the grade 5-6 program and one for the grade 7-9 program.

This bursary will allow two students who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford summer camp will also be provided with transportation and meals for the duration of their camp.

JoeAnne Hardy, WBM President has seen kids with an interest in technology but without any real path forward to develop that interest. “We hope to play a part in building that path forward for them – not just this year – but ongoing,” she says. “The University of Saskatchewan Computer Science Camp does two things – it gives them a really cool opportunity to learn and have fun, but it also exposes them to the campus and to seeing the University in a different way.”

WBM focuses its community efforts on programs and efforts that provide opportunities to children, especially those who faceless-privileged situations than others. In the past four years working with Care & Share and the staff at Vincent Massey Elementary School, they have raised $10,000 for local food banks, introduced children to NHL players, donated bikes and delivered iPads to students who demonstrated perfect attendance.

Recently, students from Vincent Massey were invited for “A Day in the Life” at WBM. For many, this was their first ever day of work. WBM announced this new mentorship program with students from Vincent Massey School in Saskatoon to develop awareness of career opportunities in the field. This event was conceived by WBM to help local youth learn what it takes to be an IT service professional. The students were awarded certificates for their successful day spent working at WBM. The University of Saskatchewan Computer Science Camp was a new program in 2009, and has continually gained in popularity. It partnered with the Department of Computer Science to develop and deliver week-long camps with projects and activities related to computers, programming, logic, video game development.

“Very few of our students would have this opportunity without the support of WBM and so we are incredibly thankful for their ongoing partnership and support. The ability to go to camp and to learn new skills will lead to more engaged students who feel motivated and encouraged to pursue their interests and passions throughout high school and beyond,” says Ian Wilson, Vincent Massey’s Principle.

Wilson adds, “We at Vincent Massey Community School are thrilled to learn of the WBM Summer Camp Bursary program. This will allow some of our students to attend the Sci Fi camp this summer in the area of computer science. With the prevalence of technology among today’s youth there is a keen interest among our students to learn more about computer technology and explore this fascinating world. We believe that this opportunity is one more glimpse for our students of what they could become if they work hard, persist and dream.”

An announcement at the school will occur in the new year. Students can fill out forms expressing their desire to expand their expertise in the field of information technology. The final selection will occur in the spring of 2013.

Sometimes, it all starts with one positive experience. Hardy goes on to say, “If it helps them see higher education and specifically the U o S as something that is accessible to them and I hope they can then start to see themselves there on campus in the future and start building toward that. I’m excited to think of the possibilities with the Day in the Life at WBM program and now this scholarship.”

“What we’ve realized is that it’s not a matter of opening doors for the students of Vincent Massey – it’s a matter of showing them that the door is there. I know that these kids have the determination and the smarts to open it themselves!”

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