• October 15, 2012

A Significant Move to the Future as WBM Announces the Sale of its Telecom Division

Today’s announcement from WBM and Telebyte Communications is exciting news for all involved, but in particular for the WBM customer community, who will see their IT partner continue to become more focused, and more scalable, now with the power to invest and acquire when needed in order to meet the commitment of delivering a best in class portfolio, across all WBM business units.

Today’s move, which will see Telebyte Communications acquire the Telecom Division of WBM, will not represent any significant shift in support operations or work in progress from the perspective of WBM’s valued Telecom customers in the short term. In addition, care has been taken to ensure that each of the 17 members of WBM previous telecom premise equipment business are now in position to advance their careers with a new organization.

“I am so grateful and thankful to each member of our Telecom team for the work they have done and for the commitment they have shown,” said WBM President JoeAnne Hardy. “Today, we have been able to reward that commitment with a great opportunity – to be at the core of a company that is focused entirely on the communications industry, and I wish each of these amazing people the greatest of success in their careers and lives ahead.”

But effective immediately, this move means that several exciting advancements will occur within WBM, in terms of ownership, focus, partner alignment, and the power that the company now has to invest and acquire.

As part of the announcement, WBM will also move forward with a refined ownership structure, as previous partner Garry Laxdal will leave WBM and begin to pursue a career at Telebyte. The shareholders and management team at WBM will now push forward to execute on the strategies and programs that have been developing through guidance from the IT community that WBM serves.

“We are excited to make a renewed commitment to the values that we want WBM to represent, and to see the strategies that have emerged across each of the business units in our portfolio go forward aggressively,” stated WBM Vice President Brett Bailey. “Our commitment to our IT community is to be best in class in everything we do. We are seeing our customers make bold moves of their own in order to grow and succeed, and we want to hold ourselves to that same standard of excellence and commitment. The achievements that our people are providing will now be fuelled by a new power within WBM; to invest in their efforts, and to grow through acquisition. We want to ensure that we are delivering the level of leadership that our customer community expects.”

The move also means that WBM has divested itself of a business unit that was at times in competition with members of its own customer community. “We are extremely excited to be working with the entire team at Telebyte,” stated Bailey, “I know what an amazing team we had in our Telecom Division and it will be exciting to see them grow with Telebyte, and to continue to work together in the future as well. That said, a big motivator for us in making this move was the opportunity to focus on what we are most passionate about; and that is the relationships we share with our customers. There is no doubt that this move away from Telecom also brings us into closer alignment with one of our most cherished partners in Saskatchewan.”

As WBM moves forward as an IT Solution Provider, the company will continue to deliver solutions through its Enterprise Division, including offers from communications providers such as Microsoft and Cisco, however will now look to its partners for Best in Class Telecom solutions and support on behalf of its customers.

A joint press release regarding this news has been circulated, and beyond this, WBM would like to encourage anyone to talk about this exciting news with the WBM team of Relationship Managers, WBM Directors, and of course with the WBM ownership group themselves, now consisting of Brett Bailey, Bob Hardy, and JoeAnne Hardy. States Bailey, “We believe very strongly that this is great news for each and every one involved, from Telebyte, to WBM, to our customers, and that makes it very easy for us to want to talk to everyone directly about it. Today is another great day for WBM.”

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