• May 23, 2023

WBM’s March to a Million Pledges Another $25,000 of Scholarships and Support to NAIT Students

WBM’s March to a Million is a five-year commitment to positively impact people and communities in Western Canada. Over the past 5 years, WBM Technologies has provided $25,000 towards scholarships and bursaries for NAIT students. Today, we are excited to announce that WBM and NAIT have extended our partnership for another 5 years and an additional $25,000.

This contribution is an annual pledge of $5,000 that supports Indigenous and International Student scholarships and bursaries at NAIT, along with funding for NAIT’s Women in IT Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is designed to empower young women by igniting curiosity, discovery, and interest in the field of IT, and includes mentorship from the many women leaders and IT professionals at WBM.

“Donors like WBM spark joy, hope and gratitude in the hearts of those who receive the student awards that they make possible. Financial support of the students acts as a catalyst, propelling NAIT students forward on their path to graduation. Thank you to our donors like WBM for making access to education a priority.”

We are incredibly grateful for the relationships we have made with the amazing people at NAIT, and for the opportunity to be a part of the educational journeys of this next generation of leaders in IT. Congratulations to all recipients!

“The scholarship I received from WBM Technologies honestly changed my life. I was struggling to save up enough money to attend post-secondary and this bursary gave me a safety net to which I owe my sincerest gratitude. I want to thank everyone at WBM for their kindness and generosity.”

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