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Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) provides essential services like driver licensing, motor vehicle registration, the Auto Fund, and others to Saskatchewan residents. An initial deployment of O365 tried to improve their digital readiness, but it lacked the proper governance and change management processes to succeed. When the global pandemic started, SGI knew it had to move fast to ensure they could continue to deliver these services wherever their teams were working.

“Across the WBM client community an amazing and immediate shift to remote work has taken hold. Tens of thousands of people suddenly finding new ways to connect and collaborate, leveraging the incredible power of the technology platforms available. At SGI, the dashboards are showing us an amazing story of transformation. But this is more than a reaction. This level of adoption and experience across the O365 platform is above and beyond, made possible by having a detailed roadmap already in place, a dedicated team of talented people at SGI, and careful planning that aligns to a broader vision.”

See how SGI’s partnership with WBM empowered their teams to fully embrace the modern, collaborative workplace.

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About SGI

  • Industry: Provincial Crown Corporation
  • Size: 2,000+ Employees
  • Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

What Did SGI Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Rapid deployment of best-in-class collaboration tools. SGI embraced the modern workplace with the quick and seamless implementation of Office 365’s collaboration tools.
  • Significant increases in key engagement metrics. Tens of thousands of SGI users are actively using their new collaboration solutions, with active usage increasing more than 40% year-over-year.
  • Access to data-driven dashboards and insights. Access to powerful data dashboards means SGI can easily measure the effectiveness of their new collaboration tools.
  • Ongoing support from a partner focused on SGI’s vision. SGI now has access to a proven partner in WBM that’s invested in helping them achieve their long-term vision.

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