Onboarding Service Desk Innovation

Onboarding Service Desk Innovation

Vermilion Energy is a global oil and gas producer headquartered in Calgary, AB. With offices in North America, Europe, and Australia, we support over 1100 corporate and field users worldwide.

In 2020, Vermilion set out to uncover service desk innovations that would enhance our end users’ experience, improve agility for changing business needs, reduce costs, and empower our workforce.

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  • Vermilion’s strong IT personnel were multi-tasking and getting bogged down in task-level work. This made it difficult to deliver our vision of a best-in- class end user experience.
  • Modernization and transformation projects were frequently deferred because talented people could not find time for strategic IT initiatives.
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable team members struggled to effectively share knowledge and sought assistance in the areas of end user support and automation.
  • Vermilion’s existing ITSM platform had limitations in reporting and automation capabilities, impacting our ability to capture and measure performance, and drive new efficiencies.
  • COVID-19 added new business demands and complexities to this existing list of challenges.

Ultimately, we moved from an internal Help Desk model to a best-practice and partner-led Service Desk model. This is unlocking new strategic outcomes for Vermilion and the results to date are outstanding.

“I want to thank you for all you and your team are doing to help Vermilion with the changes we are making to work from home. While I obviously hadn’t anticipated a global pandemic, partnering with WBM to strengthen our team and provide scalability certainly was a
key deliverable, and you are proving why this decision was a good one.”

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