Onboarding Service Desk Innovation

Onboarding Service Desk Innovation

Vermilion Energy knows the importance of providing a seamless end-user experience. But with increasing demands on their IT team, there was a clear need for a sustainable, long-term solution that was agile and flexible. With the help of WBM, Vermilion Energy transformed their service desk capabilities, achieving a near-perfect Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the process.

“Upon selecting WBM Technologies as a strategic partner, I saw them execute one of the most seamless service takeovers in my professional experience. But the thing about WBM is the people, and the great feeling that you get when you are working together with them. Right from the outset we could tell that they are just like us in terms of values and approach, and WBM has been a great partner for us at Vermilion.”

Achieving high user satisfaction, seamless integration, improved first call issue resolution, and an overhaul of Vermilion Energy’s knowledge base are only a few of the WBM-drive outcomes outlined in this document.

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About Vermilion Energy

  • Industry: Oil & Energy
  • Size: 700+ Employees
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta

What Did Vermilion Energy Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Launched a powerful new partner-led service desk during a global pandemic. All the required training, documentation, and change management was rapidly completed and launched in a collaborative remote work environment.
  • Achieved a “Great from Day 1” experience. A unified, accessible, and optimized knowledge base laid the foundation for a positive experience.
  • Revamped and improved the entire knowledge base. WBM’s experience-driven approach saw over 600 knowledge base articles reviewed, validation of another 380, and 230 retired.
  • Significant increases in end-user satisfaction and NPS. The final outcome of this rollout saw a near-perfect NPS and end-user satisfaction.
  • Introduced automation into core workflows. WBM’s leadership prepared Vermilion Energy to implement automation to streamline workflows across the company.

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