Enterprise Service Desk Integration

Enterprise Service Desk Integration

FCL understands that a service desk acts as the point of contact between a company and its technology. In a remote work environment, the service desk becomes one of the most important arms of any organization’s IT department. By leveraging WBM’s integrated service desk, FCL was able to streamline internal processes and customer service while drastically reducing support costs.

“We are entirely off of our legacy BES mobility solution now—thanks to the efforts of WBM’s deskside team. They converted approximately 550 active users from BES to an in-house mobile device management platform in 45 days. This was no small feat as everyone is now working remotely, and everything was done over the phone. All phone and mobility support will now be handled directly by WBM and should improve our customer satisfaction by not having to transfer to an external service.”

The document below outlines how FCL was able to optimize their internal support infrastructure and endpoint device management in just 45 days.

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About Federated Co-operatives Limited

  • Industry: Wholesale
  • Size: 1,000+ Employees
  • Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

What Did Federated Co-op Limited Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Migrated to an in-house mobile device management platform. WBM was able to work closely with FCL to ensure that all users were successfully onboarded to the new platform over a brief 45-day period.
  • Gained access to enhanced support. By leveraging WBM’s integrated service desk, FCL now relies on an all-in-one endpoint management platform that improves internal processes and streamlines customer service.
  • Unlocked significant cost savings. WBM was able to recover $160,000 in annual MDM licensing and support costs while optimizing FCL’s internal support infrastructure and endpoint device management.
  • Achieved a smooth transition across 550 users. The WBM team worked closely with FCL’s project management team to simplify the migration process with a user-friendly guide, segmented user lists, and follow-up communications.

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