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A constant desire to innovate and improve

Westport Fuel Systems is no stranger to sustainability. The company’s push for cleaner, lower-carbon, and cost-competitive alternative fuels is a core part of its identity. The constant desire to innovate and improve led the company to rethink its approach to managed print services, so it could better align with its commitment to promoting sustainability.

Discover how Westport Fuel Systems transformed their managed print services to reduce emissions, cut costs, and boost security.

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Peter Ter Mors
“The ability to take something like print and have it deliver tangible outcomes that impact our business is huge. I have peace of mind knowing that we won’t revert back into our previous and bloated state, and we have a true partner who will continually govern and evolve this with us.”
60.5% Reduction in Electricity Usage
70.5% Reduction in Operational Costs
40% Reduction in Leasing Costs
58.6% Reduction in CO2 Consumption
41.5% Total Cost Avoidance
100% of Printed Pages Secured

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