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Navigating the move from in-person to online services

When the global pandemic hit, ECIP was faced with the challenge of shifting their in-person services to a virtual delivery environment; a challenge they had never faced before.

Immediately, a solution was needed for them to maintain their services, connect with their clients and staff, access sensitive data remotely, all while delivering services virtually to their families. Through its partnership with WBM, ECIP was able to quickly pivot from in-person to online services, unlocking more productive and efficient means to work and meet their community’s needs.

Discover how technology enablement and right fit devices were able to create a huge success for ECIP’s transition from in-person to virtual services – enabling hundreds of visits and a positive family experience.

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Jennie Bryant
Our ability to use technology during the pandemic meant that nobody was left behind. Now, this has opened our minds to think about how we can be even more productive and offer a wider range of services. I’m so proud of our team. We’ve branched out so much and come so far, we could never go back.
100% satisfaction score among families during shift to virtual programs
93% of staff reported daily efficiencies and time savings
92% of staff reported that it is easier to work remotely
40+ minutes on average saved by each employee, every day

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