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Staying connected to the community is what Saskatchewan Blue Cross (SBC) does best. WBM was able to work closely with SBC’s team to create and implement a workplace modernization plan that leveraged the full potential of the Microsoft technology suite to maximize productivity, efficiency, and security across the organization.

“I understand Office 365 so much better now, and I feel more equipped to navigate through it on my own”

Creating change champions, enhancing collaboration, and improving organizational-wide security are just some WBM-driven outcomes outlined in this document.

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About Saskatchewan Blue Cross

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Size: 500+ Employees
  • Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

What Did Saskatchewan Blue Cross Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Identified change champions to lead the charge. SCB’s teams were pivotal in identifying which solutions would have the biggest impact, becoming experts, and supporting their teams through change.
  • Achieved a triple digit increase in measurable productivity. Reimaging productivity and collaboration tools allowed SBC’s teams to save time and work more effectively.
  • Built a culture that embraces technological change. A people-driven approach served as the catalyst for streamlining significant change within the organization.
  • Promoted collaboration with right-fit tools that fit SBC’s needs. The latest Office 365 solutions were integrated to keep SBC’s teams connected wherever they are.
  • Improved cybersecurity processes and employee buy-in. SBC’s teams received workshops and the ongoing support needed to make cybersecurity a company-wide objective.
  • Better corporate communication and culture. Streamlined updates through Yammer and other collaboration tools encouraged SBC’s teams to be part of the corporate community.

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