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Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) knows everything there is to know about auto regulations and insurance. They also know that the insurance claim process should be easy and intuitive. But with claims sometimes containing hundreds of photos—that wasn’t always easy. That’s where WBM’s end-user and workflow optimization expertise came into the picture.

“Thank You! The Rodent RV Pod is different than other claims, No Appraisal team, the Exterminators do the photos for us, so this is going to save me 2 hours on just one file as we get several emails. The other day I got 179 photos for one file.“

See how a simple adoption video managed to save countless hours per claim and was universally loved by the SGI team.

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About SGI

  • Industry: Government Agency
  • Size: 2,000+ Employees
  • Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

What Did Saskatchewan Government Insurance Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Created an environment that encourages feedback. Launched an “Ask Me Anything” service that encouraged feedback and served as the catalyst for positive change.
  • Saved significant time in the claim’s process. New workflows were created and implemented that saved claims adjusters countless hours per file.
  • Simplified the adoption process for this new workflow. WBM’s team worked closely with SGI to create an adoption video that made implementing change easy and intuitive.

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