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The City of Regina knew it needed to integrate a unified technology experience. But the best technology means nothing without the right enablement strategy to guide, support, and accelerate adoption.

“We found the Microsoft 365 Experience Engineering exercise very valuable. The facilitators of the program first got to know our department, how we worked, and what was important to us as a team. They then walked us through the Microsoft 365 applications that would help us to collaborate and be more productive as a group. The sessions were interactive, lively, and fun. I can now see our team working differently together, and we save a lot of time.”

See how the City of Regina’s partnership with WBM helped them navigate the implementation of a scalable collaboration solution built on the industry-leading Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

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About City of Regina

  • Industry: Municipal Government
  • Size: 2,000+ Employees
  • WBM Partner Since 2016

What Did the City of Regina Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Full Microsoft 365 adoption across the organization. The City of Regina now has access to an industry-leading collaboration solution designed for the modern workplace.
  • Enhanced training and support for Microsoft 365. Support and training from WBM’s Technology Experience & Enablement program mean employee confidence is at an all-time high.
  • New levels of productivity and time savings. Employees are spending less time searching for documents—saving more than 4.2 hours per day.
  • Better visibility, collaboration, and security. A relentless focus on collaboration ensures better security and efficiency through standardized file storage.
  • A strong foundation that enables future program improvements. The City of Regina now has a proven and scalable program that improves productivity, collaboration, and user experiences.

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