Getting Involved – A Blueprint for Companies of All Sizes

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Since there is no guidebook, blueprint, or “5-step plan” for having companies become positive and caring members in the community, it is certainly difficult to pinpoint an iron-clad process that companies can use to create similar community benefits to what we’ve achieved at WBM.

In my opinion, the most important thing you need to do is to care.  And I mean genuinely care about people…. all people.   Not because of how it looks, or how it will help you corporately, or because you’re tired of crime in your neighborhood…but because they’re people.  That’s the only foundation from which you can build an impactful Community Initiative – and it hinges on who you hire in your own company, and what values you look for beyond the specific job qualifications.  If you don’t have staff who truly believe in these values, then you will not be able to sustain your programs.  You can still donate money, and spend the occasional volunteer hour here and there (and being that I am also on the Board of Directors for Care and Share Saskatoon, I can tell you that every little bit helps), but to be truly impactful in your Community, you simply need to care.

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