O365 Enterprise: Adoption Brings Magic to the Modern Workplace

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When I started with the Technology Experience & Enablement team at WBM, I found it difficult to truly explain what I was doing. I was working in an innovative new department, and in a brand-new area of IT, and that made it a challenge. While sharing my new role and our team’s mission with others, I’d often find myself rambling on (albeit passionately) about end user interviews, employee enablement, Microsoft O365 Enterprise, optimized workflows, and ROI. But what did it really mean? I knew I was making end users more efficient and their work lives better, I knew I was educating and training them on new tools that were making a positive impact on their day-to-day work, and I knew I was strategizing with business leaders to increase efficiencies and build happier staff. However, I was stuck on how to sum it all up in a clear and concise way.

Then it hit me…I’m working in an area of IT that wasn’t even required 10 years ago, or at least not as required. The evolution of the Modern Workplace has far surpassed the average users’ understanding of how to leverage it for their benefit, and Microsoft O365 is a great example.

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