[Q&A] – How to Audit Print Performance for your Organization

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How to Audit Print Performance for your Organization

An On-Demand Roundtable Presentation by the WBM Managed Print Solutions Team

The focus for many businesses recently has been on enabling their employees to work efficiently from home. But managing a print fleet also becomes increasingly difficult when it comes to handling support, security, and older devices. If you’re looking to understand your current print fleet optimization or audit your existing managed print provider, this roundtable video from our solutions experts will help you get started.

Our two panelists, Blaine Sander and Nathan Morhart, have a combined 35 years’ experience with the WBM Managed Print team working with organizations of all sizes to optimize their print fleets. Watch the roundtable video for actionable tips on:

  • Assessing hard and soft costs to identify savings opportunities
  • Which performance metrics to look at
  • Understanding the role of support/service
  • Useful audit tools
  • Sustainability, security and more

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